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About A.E. Wease Distributing

From our inception, over 80 years ago, the A.E. Wease name has grown to be synonymous with exceptional customer service. Our formula for that success over the years has never changed-the same formula that has made A.E. Wease the largest distributor in Missouri. The strategy is quite simple but very difficult for our competitors to implement-it focuses on continued investments in the latest technologies involving order placement, automated inventory management, product handling and delivery-all motivated by the idea of providing exceptional customer service.

Superior customer service begins with an extraordinary product and service lines. A.E. Wease Distributing takes pride in being able to offer the broadest convenience product and service lines eliminating the hassle of placing and tracking orders placed with several different companies just to stock and maintain each facet of your business. We truly want to be your one-stop wholesaler. Our convenience product lines and services include:

• Cigarettes
• Candy
• Groceries
• Refrgerated foods
• Frozen foods
• Paper
• Foodservice – sandwiches and Danny Delmonico’s Pizza
• Snacks
• Sundries
• Beverages – Coffee Programs, on-site equipment service dept.
• Automotive Supplies
• Store Supplies
• Packaging

We make sure we stock the finest products and supplies you need, giving your business the greatest opportunity to sustain a profitable operation. A.E. Wease Distributing is vested in your success.

With A.E. Wease Distributing you can rest assured you will receive orders in an accurate and consistent on-time delivery.   Learn more
Efficiency, Time, Profitability Solutions, and Computer Generated Order Picking.       Learn more
A. E. Wease representatives are ready to give your staff the education and training needed. Learn more
We not only offer promotional programs to save you money but also a unique food service operation designed to provide branded products, without the franchise fees.     Learn more
A.E. Wease not only has the programs to help your business become more profitable but the expertise to make sure products are displayed in the best possible way.        Learn more
A.E. Wease  has in-store equipment service department for food and beverage services. Learn more